Saturday, August 21, 2004

Daddy Thoughts

My dad had an emergency operation Thursday night. It was a routine operation and of course he's now home and well on his way to recovery, but it was a very weird situation to me. Dad being in the hospital was bizarre because in all the time I've been a part of this family in some form or fashion, he's never been truly unwell. Mom and Dad said it's the third time he's ever been in a hospital! I thought that was crazy since everyone I know comes from a family with lots of health problems.

I love Dad very much; he's the only Dad I've ever truly known (he's really my dad-in-law, or as my mom-in-law puts it, "dad-in-love"). He took me in like one of his own kids before I officially was and that meant a lot to me back then. He cares for me just like one of his other kids. Hmm, that reminds me of an even cooler Daddy I know. It made me feel better during Dad's surgery to know that he was being cared for by his Daddy (GOD). Yes we were concerned about Dad, but God had it all under control the whole time. What a great feeling!

Because we all knew Dad would be alright, we were able to enjoy his drugged state of loopiness even more! He was quite hilarious with certain things he said. One of his employees got a raise out of him and he wanted gummy worms in his mouth and he was trying to rearrange a churchwide picnic and his son's life! What a character, but we all love him because he's Dad.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! Not that he was sick, but that he's on the road to recovery. I know he had to have been in a lot of pain before the surgery. Please keep us updated!

Its true that he is the father of your heart. I'm glad that you have someone like him in your life. Your husband had a good role model.

One comment though, you began a paragraph with Because, you should not begin a sentence or a paragraph with that word. (grin) I know that the "new" grammar rules allow it, still . . . .


Anonymous said...

You are a great daughter-in-love!!!