Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Healthy Dose of Sugar does not keep the Dentist away!

I had to go to the dentist today. The problem is that my teeth are so sensitive that he couldn't pinpoint the problem, because it felt like the problem was all over! Go figure. He did tell me to go shopping for a temporary solution to my problem-- how odd to have a licensed doctor send me shopping. You can imagine how that went over with my husband can't you? Heehee! "The doctor told me to go shopping, Baby! I just have to go!" Haha!

In other world news tonight, my computer at work has finally been raised from the dead! I dubbed it "Lazarus" today at work. Husband spent FIVE hours last night working on that stupid computer, but Husband won. Yay for Husband!

My husband is the very best husband ever, in case you don't know him and were wondering how truly amazing he is. There is plenty of time on other days for specific examples, but I will just let it summarize today's blog by saying he truly is God's gift to me and I am grateful everyday for him. I love you Husband!


Anonymous said...

Your husband has a truly amazing wife too!!

Anonymous said...

What does it mean that the dentist sent you shopping? And are you still in pain?