Thursday, August 26, 2004


I am awful about writing thank you notes. It's a curse, really. I have the greatest intentions, the best of anybody I know and still they never get written. Well okay, once in a while I do get one written. I apologize if I have ever needed to thank you in writing and it wasn't done. Husband used to try to help me not say thank you so much. Literally, I tend to say it many times over in a row because I am so afraid I'll forget to say what's on my heart- my true appreciation of you and your thoughtfulness.

My wedding thank you notes were never completed either. Oh sure, a few of you got them, but then we ran out of stamps. Some thank you notes were written and never mailed-- it's pretty sad, but we probably still have them. To you, I most heartfeltly (is that a word?) apologize. Thank you. One day I will get them written. It's a promise.

To those of you who celebrated my birthday with your thoughtfulness and generosity, I thank you. Give me a decade or two and you will probably receive your thank you note...

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