Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Those Lazy Days of Summer

Well, I can honestly say that yesterday was my favorite day of the week (and yes, that is mostly due to it being my birthday). I had such a great time and I got to see so many of my favorite people! Yay!

To update you on the work status, my computer is still at war with me (The peace treaty it and I had going ended Monday morning.). I feel very unproductive for this week even though I'm ahead in hours, but that's okay because by Tuesday I am hoping and praying that my computer is defeated soundly (and gets a spankin to go with it!).

I shall return from out of town victorious, having conquered my computer! Woohoo! In the meantime, I know I said I will be packing and getting ready to go out of town for tomorrow, however, I want to take a nap. I don't normally do this, but today I feel it is a well deserved naptime. I wish I'd not taken naptime for granted in Kindergarten, but alas, I did. So today at least, I will revisit Kindergarten and not get any work done on my to do list, but just relax and enjoy my afternoon off. Zzzzzzz.....

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