Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What is normal?

Life is slowly getting back to normal. This is a very good thing for anyone that knows me. August (and the end of July) has been a very stressful month for my family. We've had missions trips, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, out of town family visiting, churchwide events, 300 people parties, new jobs, old jobs, organ surgeries, mono, and now strep, plus your every day horrible cold.

Yes I tell you, it's been crazy! I am extremely glad that the crazy busy part of the year is over. I know I know, I say that and you're thinking, "um Sus? You do know we're approaching the Christmas season don't you?" Yes I am aware of that and while yes, it can be stressful, I can't wait! Woohoo! I've been sitting here in my office all day freezing to death with my goose bumps, but you know all I can think? "Yay! It's almost time for sweatshirts and bundling up!" I asked a coworker friend today if she'll play in the snow with me this winter if it snows. She kind of looked at me funny, but I am happy because she said she would. Yay for Sarah!

Time to take a little breather...

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