Thursday, September 09, 2004

Friends... Let's be friends... Part 2

I am soooo excited! Do you know why? Okay, I'll tell you. No, you can stop begging now. Our very best friends that live around the corner from us have been away for a week and they are coming home tomorrow! I know I'm crazy, but I'm still excited.

Although we usually only see them about once or twice a week, I usually talk to the wife of the couple (It's a married couple I'm talking about here.) on the phone or on IM throughout the week. Instead I've been driving mysteriously by the house every day, checking the mail... I'm sure somebody is watching through the curtains to be sure I'm not causing trouble for our friends. Won't those neighbors be shocked when I go inside tonight to turn the a/c back on before they come home! Haha, who has the last laugh now?! Okay I'm crazy again, sorry, momentary lapse.

Anyway, WELCOME HOME FRIENDS! We are very happy you are back! (tomorrow)

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Anonymous said...

Bet we surprised you by coming home a day early! :) We missed you like crazy and are glad to be home! Thanks for mail-sitting for us!