Tuesday, September 21, 2004

How Time Flies!

Our best friends' adorable (cutest ever!) baby boy is about to be a whole one year old (old? ha!). I just found out he walked to both his parents for the first time today! Now, I don't have kids myself (and for those wondering, not any time soon either) but I was so excited for that family that I think I can imagine a little part of how that must feel.

Li'l C, as Husband once referred to the baby (his ghetto name, though we never call him that), is not going to be so little much longer. Disclaimer: He's perfect in every way. :-) It's fascinating to me how fast little babies grow. I remember (apparently a year ago though it feels shorter obviously) when Baby was just born! He was so tiny and cute! Now he's walking and still so cute... just me rambling crazy thoughts about how fast time goes when you're seeing time pass as a child growing up.

I don't know how time can possibly get any faster, but I've been told it will happen. I guess I better get a move on then, getting all the stuff on my to- do list done before I run out of time!

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