Sunday, September 26, 2004

How To Fall Asleep After Having So Much Fun With Friends

So we finally found out what's been wrong with me. Yep, the whole time we thought I had Mono, I've actually had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a much more serious illness. Of course, as soon as my family found this out, I received three calls within three hours from family members asking if I was okay and hoping I was asleep, making it sound like they truly thought that all of a sudden I was at Death's door, screaming "Let me in!"

Now I don't want to make light of my family's concern, but it is pretty funny if you think about it, don't you think MVR? (wink wink- no comment necessary) Anyway, we think I must've first gotten eaten by a tick (that's how you get sick like this) at the wedding up north earlier in August, which is funny because that's not normally the place you get tick bites that make you so horribly sick (I truly am fine.). I was hanging out with Meredith last Friday and laughing because we've decided to rename the particular Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to a new name more applicable to me: I give you my illness, Blue Ridge Mountain Non-Spotted Low- grade Fever! Isn't that a hoot? I think it's funny.

What's really funny is I always thought it was called Rocky Mountain SPIDER Fever, not Spotted Fever, and I kept explaining to the nurses and doctors that about one to two months ago I did have a spider bite on my toe. I figured doctors should know all they can to help diagnose you right? Well fortunately for me, they just looked at me in this weird, "Are you okay? You think a spider bite like the one you got is cause for this much concern?" look and continued along with their testing. Praise the Lord they caught it when they did before I got brain damage or whatever horrible "side effects" can occur with Rocky Mountain SPOTTED Fever.

To celebrate (and mostly to just have a good time), we stayed up until three in the morning last night having a board game marathon/ slumber party with John and Meredith. Sadly for us all, I started feeling bad and also got sleepy (big bummer). I was very much sad that it didn't last all night as originally planned, but what fun we did have while it lasted! I now know how to play $25,000 Pyramid, that Elm trees are so good for you that that's the tree we'll try to plant in our future yard, and that Mrs. Peacock was in the Library with the lead pipe! (She's going down, I tell ya!)

So now I should be back on the mend and back to my usual celebration of Fall and the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season! Speaking of... two more family members RSVPed for Thanksgiving dinner today- Yippee!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. How are you today?? Today is a good day for me. I feel no fatique. Yeah.. Praying for you. MOM T