Sunday, October 24, 2004

Workin' Hard For The Money!

I'm so ill! I just lost this long entry I had written! Argh! THIS is why we will be switching to our own blog site. Well you'll just have to deal with the shorter version. Argh!

We were graciously given this dining room table and five chairs by my aunt when Husband and I were first married. This was not just a cool gift, but it was very helpful because we'd never lived on our own before and having married straight out of school, we needed furniture. We have used and loved this dining room set for about two and a half years now and unfortunately for us, we loved them to death.

Yesterday we had a garage sale with some friends of ours who shared their garage and driveway with us so we could sell our stuff too. At 7:00am we opened the garage door to set up all of our stuff for sale and three cars were already sitting at the curb waiting for us! It was great!

Our goal for our part of the garage sale was to raise the minimum amount of money needed to buy this new dining room table and to buy at least four chairs to go with it. We knew God would provide, so we sold our old set. Not only did God provide the minimum amount we needed, but he went above and beyond that so we can afford a couple more chairs! This is so cool because we were hoping to be able to afford this new set before our HUGE Thanksgiving family dinner next month-- and now we can!

We're very excited and now we're going to that cool store I mentioned before ("Don't Spend It All In One Place...") next weekend to get it all! I can't wait!

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