Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Back And Better Than Ever!

Finally, the blog is back! It's been a crazy time lately, just with the busyness. But Praise Jesus, because we've gotten SO much accomplished recently!

*God told each of us (Husband and me) separately to wait on pursuing a house right now, so that was awesome! We have such peace about that decision that it's truly been a blessing to us.

*Our yardsale was so successful that we were able to spend our day trip this past weekend getting our new dining room table (in time for Thanksgiving, I might add), SIX chairs, and we had enough money left over for a new entertainment center which we've been wanting forever! How cool is that?!

*God gave us wise counsel for another decision we weren't feeling sure about and now we know we did the right thing, so that was good.

*Husband has been a humongo blessing to me as sweet as he is. He's been putting all our new furniture together, putting our homey things first before the things he's been wanting and needing to get done. What a guy!

*Great times with friends this past weekend.

I know there's more, but honestly isn't that enough for now?

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cc said...

God ROCKS!!!

Love you :)