Monday, November 22, 2004

RSVP Anyone?

Well it's Monday morning. Husband and I had a very fun, very productive weekend playing with John and Meredith and cleaning the house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year that we've been married, we've invited all sides of the family over (with a few friends thrown in for good measure) and just had a big ol' dinner party basically. It's a lot of work for Husband and me, but we do always enjoy every moment of the preparations and then the actual day.

I keep forgetting though that I love to host big dinner party- like things, but I've decided that I will try to host another one in the Spring. You know there's no real holidays (where you get time off etc.) between New Years' Day and Memorial Day except for Easter, so February- March sounds like a great time for a big meal doesn't it?

Hmm, looks like you got me thinking!

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