Friday, December 31, 2004

Anybody need a Friend?

For Christmas I got seasons 1, 2 and 8 of the Friends dvds to watch whenever I happen to be home (typically on a sick day or something like that). Well, let me just say we're wrapping up season 2 right now and does anyone know just how many seasons you can watch all in a row until you can't take any more Friends?

Let's just say I never knew I could get a 100% on a Friends quiz!

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


So... I have been sick again, but this time much worse! I'm hoping it has been a 24-hour stomach kind of bug, but when you can't even keep your water down then you know you're sick!

I'm better now and getting better all the time. Please be praying for me though because this is getting old quick!

Monday, December 27, 2004


Well I took a look at bloggie today (as I refer to this site) and realized he was desperately needing an update. So here you go...

I am on a very slow mend from my nasty cold but I was well enough for Christmas so yippee and Praise Jesus!

Christmas was awesome this year! Yes, despite being sick and despite one of my aunt's dogs (who I love- the dog and my aunt) dying, it was awesome! Husband and I decided to try doing our Christmas on Christmas Eve night so as to have more time together alone and it worked out beautifully! We weren't sure if we'd be sad if we didn't have anything for each other on the actual day, but due to all the other excitement Christmas Day, it went great!

Husband was extremely thoughtful in the things he picked to give me which of course is the whole point (the thought, not the present) and he has decided to continue his current reign of King of All Stockings! (He's very good at stockings.)

Oh and thanks to Meredith who gave me a beautiful scarf and homemade magnets for our refrigerator. I'm very excited and pleased and you're my awesome friend who I love! (You know how I am with thank-you notes so just in case...wink wink!)

So now the Christmas season is officially over but to paraphrase a famous story, keep Christmas in your heart year-round, because Jesus was born yes, but there's so much more to the story!

Monday, December 20, 2004


So I've been sick with a really nasty cold this past week. It's probably the worst cold I've ever had. For those of you wondering, it's not the flu, praise the Lord!

My goal has been to get well every day so far and it's not worked yet, but last night was the first night I slept all the way through without a horrific coughing fit to wake me up! Woohoo!

So all of that to say the goal is now to be well by Christmas! Yay!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Say "No Peeking!"

Husband and I had to get a new cell phone contract recently, so now I have my first ever camera phone. I know, I never understood the appeal either, but now that I have it I have one favorite thing I've been doing with it.

Did you know that you can attach a picture to a person's phone number so that when they call you their picture comes up? Oh I know, it's awesome! Unfortunately, not everyone is into letting me have an itsy bitsy fuzzy picture of themselves on my phone. Were the tables turned I would completely sympathize.

Last night Husband wrapped my Christmas presents (the ones he's gotten so far). I was lucky enough to get to be downstairs but I had to have my back to him and not peek and I couldn't even look under the tree until he was done, all his giveaway trash thrown away where I couldn't see it, and all evidence quickly wrapped or hidden again. It was fun but nervewracking! I kept telling him that if he gave me all my presents now he wouldn't have to worry with wrapping them! Unfortunately for me, he's a great wrapper and enjoys it.

Too bad I didn't think to let my camera phone peek and then I could look at the pictures. Hmm, there's an idea...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Think happy thoughts!

Please don't hate us, but we're almost done with all of our Christmas preparations. Yes, this includes our shopping. I have a few more items to buy for Husband's stocking and I think only one more actual present to buy and then I'm done. Husband wants to go buy more for me which of course I don't mind, so he's got a few more things to buy but after that he's finished as well.

I'm going to my very first cookie swap this Saturday with some friends, so that should be loads of fun! Because of this I have two dozen cookies to make so I do have that left too.

I'm sad because some of our Christmas cards have bounced back to us this year. I'm hoping I don't get any more of our cards; I already know what they look like! :-)

Friday, December 10, 2004

Happy Birthday John!

Today is our friend John's birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with him. I'd never before been to P.F. Chang's before last week and now that's where we're meeting them for dinner later. Good thing too because it was yummy last time!

Happy birthday John!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Calcium for Strong and Healthy Bones!

My best friend broke her toe yesterday. Alas, now that's one thing we don't have in common anymore. Neither of us can whistle and we both used to be able to say we'd never broken a bone (come close, but never officially for me).

I must admit that I'm afraid one day a broken bone will happen to me as klutzy as I am. Husband as a teenager, broke both his arms at one time! He tells me sometimes how painful and just awful it can be to break a bone. I'm afraid that I will scream hysterically and go into shock when it finally happens. You see, I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for pain. My broken friend was very brave yesterday when she called me for help and I went over. I figured tears and yelling in agony over the pain would be involved but not my brave friend. I'm very proud of her.

I hope her day today is somewhat smoother than her terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad day yesterday (as she has described it).

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

You are invited...

So the parties and things to do are adding up now that the Christmas season is in full swing. Everyone here at work came to the realization yesterday that the Christmas concerts are THIS week; we thought we had at least another week to go!

We had friends over for dinner last night and that was a lot of fun. Husband and I then finished watching "White Christmas" and the reflective interview with Rosemary Clooney. Now that was cool too because I caught so many more little things in that movie, having not seen it since I was pre-adult age. Husband finally understood that Rosemary Clooney is George Clooney's aunt. He probably thought I was crazy because I kept asking him if he saw the family resemblance there. Go figure.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Christmas is Coming!

We spent this past weekend Christmas shopping, which to most when we hear that, we groan and moan about the crowds, the prices, and going broke. What a pleasant experience it's been because you see, we had this fantabulous idea to get all the shopping done ahead of time! It's amazing how less stressful it is when you shop before Christmas Eve!

I'm extremely pleased because on top of having the shopping done, all the presents are wrapped and already under the tree! I'm telling you, this year we are on the ball. While we wrapped presents together the other night, we watched "Santa Claus is Coming To Town." This was very cool because we couldn't really remember the story but to catch you up, it's pretty much a behind-the-scenes story of what Santa Claus is all about. A lot of people make Santa Claus out to be this attention-on-Jesus stealer and this evil guy, but this movie was all about how Santa could only bring toys once a year and the day he chose was "the most holy night of the year, the night of the Christ child's birth." And when he married Mrs. Claus, they "stood before the Lord" to say their vows! It's amazing to me how different the world has become toward Christians and anything remotely associated with Christianity. I mean, this was on TV the other night! The same tv where when the news came on, the news anchor was reporting a story about discrimination because one particular church wanted people to only shop at stores that said "Merry Christmas" (thereby keeping "Christ" in "Christmas").

I think that can go a bit too far, but to call that discrimination is pretty far-fetched. Think about it. As Husband pointed out last night, if a Muslim group decided to let other Muslims know stores that were "Islam-friendly" or whatever the phrasing is, nobody would call that discrimination against other religions! (And for those of you wondering, this is in no way a Muslim- put-down. I'm just saying the analogy.)

I say forget all of the politics and the persecution of whatever religion and just enjoy Christmas for what it is: the rememberence and reverence for the Savior of the World coming as a baby because he loved you and me enough to die for our sins. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 03, 2004

It's Friday!

Praise Jesus it's Friday! It seems like it's been a longer than normal kind of week for us. Husband got his fixed up car back after the deer hit us. Yay for that! (and insurance)

We had fun playing with friends last night and my scrapbooking business made a little money too! Yay for friends and scrapbooking!

I need to get current on my scrapbooking; if you would like to come scrapbook with me soon, let me know!