Monday, December 27, 2004


Well I took a look at bloggie today (as I refer to this site) and realized he was desperately needing an update. So here you go...

I am on a very slow mend from my nasty cold but I was well enough for Christmas so yippee and Praise Jesus!

Christmas was awesome this year! Yes, despite being sick and despite one of my aunt's dogs (who I love- the dog and my aunt) dying, it was awesome! Husband and I decided to try doing our Christmas on Christmas Eve night so as to have more time together alone and it worked out beautifully! We weren't sure if we'd be sad if we didn't have anything for each other on the actual day, but due to all the other excitement Christmas Day, it went great!

Husband was extremely thoughtful in the things he picked to give me which of course is the whole point (the thought, not the present) and he has decided to continue his current reign of King of All Stockings! (He's very good at stockings.)

Oh and thanks to Meredith who gave me a beautiful scarf and homemade magnets for our refrigerator. I'm very excited and pleased and you're my awesome friend who I love! (You know how I am with thank-you notes so just in case...wink wink!)

So now the Christmas season is officially over but to paraphrase a famous story, keep Christmas in your heart year-round, because Jesus was born yes, but there's so much more to the story!

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