Monday, December 06, 2004

Christmas is Coming!

We spent this past weekend Christmas shopping, which to most when we hear that, we groan and moan about the crowds, the prices, and going broke. What a pleasant experience it's been because you see, we had this fantabulous idea to get all the shopping done ahead of time! It's amazing how less stressful it is when you shop before Christmas Eve!

I'm extremely pleased because on top of having the shopping done, all the presents are wrapped and already under the tree! I'm telling you, this year we are on the ball. While we wrapped presents together the other night, we watched "Santa Claus is Coming To Town." This was very cool because we couldn't really remember the story but to catch you up, it's pretty much a behind-the-scenes story of what Santa Claus is all about. A lot of people make Santa Claus out to be this attention-on-Jesus stealer and this evil guy, but this movie was all about how Santa could only bring toys once a year and the day he chose was "the most holy night of the year, the night of the Christ child's birth." And when he married Mrs. Claus, they "stood before the Lord" to say their vows! It's amazing to me how different the world has become toward Christians and anything remotely associated with Christianity. I mean, this was on TV the other night! The same tv where when the news came on, the news anchor was reporting a story about discrimination because one particular church wanted people to only shop at stores that said "Merry Christmas" (thereby keeping "Christ" in "Christmas").

I think that can go a bit too far, but to call that discrimination is pretty far-fetched. Think about it. As Husband pointed out last night, if a Muslim group decided to let other Muslims know stores that were "Islam-friendly" or whatever the phrasing is, nobody would call that discrimination against other religions! (And for those of you wondering, this is in no way a Muslim- put-down. I'm just saying the analogy.)

I say forget all of the politics and the persecution of whatever religion and just enjoy Christmas for what it is: the rememberence and reverence for the Savior of the World coming as a baby because he loved you and me enough to die for our sins. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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