Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Say "No Peeking!"

Husband and I had to get a new cell phone contract recently, so now I have my first ever camera phone. I know, I never understood the appeal either, but now that I have it I have one favorite thing I've been doing with it.

Did you know that you can attach a picture to a person's phone number so that when they call you their picture comes up? Oh I know, it's awesome! Unfortunately, not everyone is into letting me have an itsy bitsy fuzzy picture of themselves on my phone. Were the tables turned I would completely sympathize.

Last night Husband wrapped my Christmas presents (the ones he's gotten so far). I was lucky enough to get to be downstairs but I had to have my back to him and not peek and I couldn't even look under the tree until he was done, all his giveaway trash thrown away where I couldn't see it, and all evidence quickly wrapped or hidden again. It was fun but nervewracking! I kept telling him that if he gave me all my presents now he wouldn't have to worry with wrapping them! Unfortunately for me, he's a great wrapper and enjoys it.

Too bad I didn't think to let my camera phone peek and then I could look at the pictures. Hmm, there's an idea...

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