Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Are they here yet?

I am part of a monthly book club that sends me four christian romance books every month. I love this book club; it's the only one I've found that I enjoy each month without fail. My only major issue with them is they only send four books a month. You ask what the problem is? The problem is that I can read more than four books in a week, which obviously is a huge problem is it's a monthly book club.

Husband says I get obsessed the week I expect the books to come because every day I stalk the mailman (who yes, knows me by name and face when I come hunting him down for the books) and get horribly disappointed when they don't come that day. So to those aspiring christian romance writers out there (yes I'm talking to myself too.) get busy writing! With this in mind, I would like to make you all aware that my books came last Friday just in the nick of time and I can't wait to get home to finish the first book (I didn't read over the weekend as you know!).

I would also like to take this little bit of internet space to tell you all that today has been a slightly frustrating day in terms of my workload. Now don't misunderstand me, I love, Love, LOVE, where I work and the work I do. I just want you to pray for patience and grace today, because I have already used up all I have, I think. At least I'm still having fun right?

Praise Jesus I have my book to go home to when I'm done! (wink wink, and my Husband too!)

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