Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Let it snow!

It's finally cold here. Last week and the week before it was in the 70s and today it's about 32 degrees outside (it's not yet, that's the high for today). My feet are always frozen throughout all of winter and my frozen fingers often feel like they'll pop off my hands at any given moment-- isn't that the best feeling?!

We're due to get some snow here this weekend and I can't wait! I mean, I can because I have to go grocery shopping first and buy candles just in case the power goes out, like all the other people in the state, but it's exciting and I love the anticipation that arrives before the snow does.

Our senior pastor yesterday was saying it may be enough to shut us down, which our teaching pastor immediately quipped, "Yeah a quarter inch!" If you're from up north, you may not get that, but it's hilarious here. People here are not used to driving in snowy weather and so they go crazy. The biggest misunderstanding is that it's not usually snow down here, it's solid ice, which is more dangerous.

We all laughed at Mike's joke, but I hope we get bundled up and stuck in our homes on Monday. Husband sees this and wonders when I went crazy, because if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid. But one day wouldn't be so bad would it CC? Maybe our horrible mess of an office would get cleaned? Or maybe we'd just sit on the couch and if the power is still on, watch DVDs of Friends like we have been doing! Either way it'd be snowy white outside and warm and cozy on the inside!

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