Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh boy, did it snow!

Well, we got our inch or so of snow and we got to be bundled up at home yesterday, waiting for the ice to melt.

I loved that it snowed, but in all the years I can remember, I can't remember a time when the snow froze immediately during the daytime. It's always frozen overnight, giving people time to get home from work. Yeah, not this time!

The church I work for is ten minutes away (exactly five miles from my parking spot at home) normally, fifteen minutes away in normal traffic.

The roads were such a mess it took me nine and a half hours! to get home Wednesday night! Yes, no lies, no exaggerations, nothing but the truth.

Husband came from work thirty five minutes away from home. He left after I left and beat me home with an eight and a half hour drive home!

Ugh! What's even more amazing is that we were only forecasted to maybe get a couple of snow flurries that night. Last night we were forecasted to get up to two inches of snow, which would of course overnight, become ice. Yeah, here at least we only got a light dusting on our cars.

Frustrating to say the least! Hopefully the wintry weather we're supposed to get this weekend will come and we can be snuggled up warm in our homes this time instead of in our cars.

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