Monday, February 07, 2005


Husband's been working crazy hours for the past ten or so days and has at least another month of overtime to go. We decided Saturday night it was time for a quick break, so we went to a movie and then dinner. The movie was awful (made awful, acted awfully, etc.) but dinner was great!

We went to the same shopping area that we came from the night the deer hit us- remember that? Well, suffice it to say, we were somewhat nervous about this date night, but all went well and we made it home in time for Husband to work some more. Yay!

It amazes me how you can go somewhere or do something a bazillion times, but the one time something goes wrong, you can't remember very well the bazillion times everything was fine.

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cc said...

I love that observation. I was just thinking how we think the same way about how God sees us. Like He REALLY sees us when we screw up, but we forget that He also sees us the bazillion other times we obey Him :).