Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's a beautiful morning!

Well, Easter is over and it went very well! Husband and I each took yesterday off to get those to- do things on our list done. Sadly, we didn't get everything done but we made huge progress. What's great is while we were out, we ran into my boss and his son-- because my boss had also decided to take the day off! Funny!

In other news, I bought the most adorable fabric to get started on a second quilt (and no, class was cancelled last Friday, so my first quilt is not yet done)! I hope to catch up with the second quilt to where I am with the first, so they can be finished about the same time. I also found out last week that the store where I've been taking these classes is closing this Thursday. You'd think they'd tell people wouldn't you?! Ugh, I'm moving to another store because their communication with their customers is ridiculous.

And finally, hello to Mere's mom who is in town. I hope ya'll are having a blast!

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