Thursday, March 24, 2005

Let's all breathe a big sigh of relief...

Well, well, well... the busy craziness of our lives since Christmas may finally be at an end. Woohoo! Husband thinks he's finally done with his fourteen, fifteen- hour days 7 days a week, and all my busy stuff is over with the exception of our taxes and my quilting project.

Last week's quilting class did not go so well for me and I accidentally left the class with my teacher's seam guide. Oops! She can get it back from me this Friday (maybe! I like!). The class was very confusing but I've since gotten a little extra help in the way of further instructions and last night was on a roll!

This is gonna be the best manly quilt I've ever done! Okay, okay, so it's the only quilt I've ever done. Anyway...

Happy Good Friday and Easter! I must say that I love what these holidays mean for us Christians, but having never worked in a church during Easter, oh my goodness! I almost can't wait for it to be over! Isn't that sad? It's not been bad at all, it's just been insanely busy with all the services we have going on for Good Friday and Easter. My job is to keep all the million little details straight (if I can remember them long enough) and then on top of all of that, to inform everyone who needs to know, what those details are! I tell ya, I'm glad I'm taking Monday off! (wink wink)

So to end, anyone we haven't seen since Christmas or anything we need to get done is now on one "gigantor" to- do list. :-) Anyone who knows me knows I love my lists, especially a to- do list, but this one is challengingly long, even for me. I can't wait to get started! After Easter, of course!

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