Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mystery Quilting Theatre

I got a call last night from the lady who teaches the quilting class I'll begin taking next week. Now, she is kind of aggravating in her manner, but she is a really good teacher (She taught my sewing class last month.).

She called last night to tell me that I should have received my supply list for the class, and if I hadn't to call the store and they'll mail it to me. I'm excited by this because I want to go shopping of course and pick out fabric and things like that, but when I went to check the mail there was of course no supply list. Why would she call from her vacation in Kentucky (huh?) to tell me to call and get a supply list mailed to me if she'd supposedly already taken care of it? Aha! I think she forgot to send them out before she left on vacation! Mystery solved.

Sorry for this dramatic episode from my life, but today is the first of March and I am mightily disappointed that we never got a huge snowfall this winter. Sigh....

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