Saturday, March 05, 2005

Not so wise anymore, am I?

My last two wisdom teeth were removed yesterday. It went surprisingly well and yesterday I had no pain or anything. I was praising Jesus about that, let me tell you!

I keep being told though that it's one of those "better before the worst comes" type of thing and the pain should hit me today or tomorrow. Now I did just wake up and haven't had any drugs yet, but the only thing hurting me right now is my jaw where they must've had it so wide open to get to the back of my mouth. Good thing I've got my "Susie ain't going anywhere on this strong medicine" drug! Funny how I want to take the painkiller for my jaw and not the holes in my mouth.

Anyway, thanks to everyone that prayed for me and please keep it up because I want to be myself again in time for work on Monday. By the way, the real issue here is that I'm starving! ;-) Anyone up for a little Mexican food in my honor? That's what I want to eat but the tortilla chips are probably not a good idea quite yet. What do you think?

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