Wednesday, April 27, 2005

News! News! News!

More great news: Meredith and I get to go to a concert this weekend, making it a girls' night out! We're both really excited and I can't wait! This week is getting better and better! Husband has to work all weekend, so this is the perfect thing to look forward to. This way, I won't be at home calling him all the time to find out what time he'll get to come home. (Yes, I do that every so often.)

The sad news amidst all the great news of the week is that on Husband's birthday we realized our digital camera is MIA. If it's officially lost (which it seems to be), we must have left it somewhere by mistake. We've very very depressed about this. Because I must have pictures for scrapbooking purposes of every event that occurs, we did buy a disposable camera to document Husband's birthday. Please pray we find our camera.

The best news yet: Husband's last day of work at Job # 2 is tonight. Woohoo! We're somewhat sad over this, but mostly excited and happy. He can be home more and get rest and it's just great! He's already joined a Men's Bible Study at church and everything! Yippee!

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