Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Speaking of conflict and confrontation...

Yesterday I had to sit down and talk with a couple of different people about various things that were frustrating to me. Not bad and not a big deal because they were part of the solution (Speak the truth in love to someone who is either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.) but it was a big deal to me to do it.

Well I did it and I feel much better about things. Yay!

Yesterday when I got home I picked up the house and lit all these candles. It was so warm and cozy and romantic looking that I hated to blow them out to go to bed. We did but I can't wait to do it again. Fall is coming! Woohoo!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

As a dam bursts forth....

I haven't had anything to write about in two weeks and finally I think I can come up with something.

God's been teaching me a lot over the past two weeks; mostly that I'm a big chicken when it comes to confrontation (not new news by the way) and that He still provides and blesses even when I'm not content. I keep trying to work on contentment and surprise, surprise! There isn't an overnight fix for either of these things. Sadness. The great news is that Jesus is always working to improve me because He loves me so much. WOOHOO! That IS great news!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Well, we're finally making progress on our house. We've only lived there since May, but we're finally getting stuff done. I finally am beginning to feel at home and as if I've accomplished something. Of course, not I, but we, really. Husband helped a ton yesterday and we really got some stuff moved around. It was nice to come out of the bedroom this morning and see the sunroom having taken shape. I feel somewhat empowered to continue on the second bedroom. We'll see if that feeling lasts!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Birthday Blessings

When Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted it to feel like my birthday the entire day, and maybe have a birthday season (You know what I mean, more than one day of celebration.).

Well I sure got what I wanted! For such a significant birthday age, it's been the best yet I think. The whole week has been good (except for my work computer not working, but it's better now), fantastic even! And it's not even over yet!

Thanks everyone who contributed special blessings and thoughts and time to make it the best yet!

And thanks to my sweet, wonderful Hubby, the best one ever, who gave me the sweetest and most thoughtful gift of all. I love you.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Congrats baby!

Husband started his new job yesterday! Woohoo! Very exciting! I can't wait to hear how his second day will go. His first day was good, especially after John and Mere brought him a happy first day present. VERY sweet and thoughtful (and yummy)! Thanks ya'll!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Be Real

I hate when people want you to perform. A lady I know apparently thinks I am always "perky and smiling." The second I'm not, she always asks me what's wrong. I usually just tell her it's because I'm tired or some other just as vague response. I never lie to her, but life's been too tough lately to really get into it when I see her.

It's nothing personal against her, because I think she's a really great lady, but why do people expect you to always be one certain way? And then to assume something's wrong just because you're not full of energy?

I was talking about this with Mere yesterday about people seeing the real you, feeling like people truly care about you and want to know you deep down in the core of you. It's what God has called us to in our relationships, yet people get scared when you put that much time and energy and effort into your relationship with them. It's sad really, that we don't always think we can be really real with other people, especially our "friends." When you ask one of your friends next time how they're doing, ask them how they're really doing... and listen.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Yes, he's excited

Husband begins his new job next Monday and boy, it seems like the entire world is excited! (Good thing, by the way) All day long today, the question on everyone's mind was "Is he ready to be done with his current job? Is he excited about this new job?" It's nice to know that once a prayer's been answered, people still care about the outcome. (also a good thing)