Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Be Real

I hate when people want you to perform. A lady I know apparently thinks I am always "perky and smiling." The second I'm not, she always asks me what's wrong. I usually just tell her it's because I'm tired or some other just as vague response. I never lie to her, but life's been too tough lately to really get into it when I see her.

It's nothing personal against her, because I think she's a really great lady, but why do people expect you to always be one certain way? And then to assume something's wrong just because you're not full of energy?

I was talking about this with Mere yesterday about people seeing the real you, feeling like people truly care about you and want to know you deep down in the core of you. It's what God has called us to in our relationships, yet people get scared when you put that much time and energy and effort into your relationship with them. It's sad really, that we don't always think we can be really real with other people, especially our "friends." When you ask one of your friends next time how they're doing, ask them how they're really doing... and listen.

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Mom Toby said...

So my dear, how are you REALLY doing??