Thursday, September 29, 2005

So addictive!

So my friend today introduced me to Wheel Of Fortune online. VERY addictive! We haven't yet played against each other, but we're sure racking up the fake money! Between this game and Solitaire, how does anyone get anything done? And where's my free car?!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just Pizza?!?

We're having pizza today for lunch and I showed my excitement to a coworker this morning. She said, "It's just pizza."

Just pizza? That's like saying it's "just Christmas" or "just the first snowfall of the year" or "just a new baby!" Pizza is yummy and very versatile! So yay for pizza!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let the warping begin

Well, I became an aunt for the first time yesterday. It's a weird feeling, knowing that I'm an aunt to somebody, you know, another person.

All my life, I have been taught that it's the aunt's responsibility to "warp" the niece or nephew. My cool aunt did a REALLY good job at it and I have been informed I must carry on the tradition.

When Caleb was three hours old, I had a little talk with him and explained how things should go, you know, according to God's will of course, so he's set for life. I occasionally remember things I forgot to mention to him, but he seems to be doing alright. I guess on Saturday I'll have to have a talk with Joshua too, just to get him started on the right track. If this is called warping, then this I can handle!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

God is powerful; Satan is not.

I've been learning a bunch of things lately, but one I want to write about today I realized last night. I was in a meeting and we were broken up into groups to pray. One of the cool ladies I was praying with was praying and something she said made me realize that Satan isn't powerful.

Now I realize that is a big statement to make, but let me explain what I mean. God is powerful. We often feel that because we sin all the time, Satan is also powerful. He tempts us and puts thoughts in our minds and causes us to say and do wrong things. But he's not powerful like God is. In fact, Satan's only doing this stuff to keep us from being Christlike. If we're true believers, Satan's already lost. There's nothing he can do except make us trip. Not fall, trip. Here's the kicker-- He even knows that he's not so powerful! He's dangerous and mean and hateful, but he's NOT powerful.

I've been thinking on this for the last day or so since Paula prayed the thought that made me realize this, and it's fascinating to me how helpful this truth is. I mean, it's not new news, but isn't it funny how I'd forgotten how true it is? And how powerful even I am, with the Holy Spirit in me? Heck, with the Holy Spirit, I'M more powerful than Satan! What a statement! To put it pure and simple, Satan is a 'troublement,' that's all he is. Just a pure troublement. He can't win because he's already lost. What a wonderful realization!

Friday, September 02, 2005

I broke down...

I finally succumbed to society's pressure. I bought a pair of Crocs this morning. I didn't cave completely though; I got a neutral color instead of a crazy cool funky one. These shoes are so odd my husband is afraid to come home and be seen in the same house as them. He'll get over it! ;-) If anyone is curious about the reason I finally got them, it's because everyone I know who has them says they're not only incredibly comfortable, but they're also very good for your back and feet. I've been running around in them for the last couple of hours and I must say, everyone else is right. I wonder what my coworkers will say on Tuesday?!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Please pray

We had been worried about my brother who is in Iraq, because we hadn't heard from him in almost two weeks. We finally received an update this morning from him.

*Good news: As of right now, he's fine and his platoon is fine.
*Bad news: His platoon's reputation is now the platoon that gets hit by the enemy.

PLEASE continue to pray for him and his platoon. Pray for our family as well please. Thanks.