Thursday, September 08, 2005

God is powerful; Satan is not.

I've been learning a bunch of things lately, but one I want to write about today I realized last night. I was in a meeting and we were broken up into groups to pray. One of the cool ladies I was praying with was praying and something she said made me realize that Satan isn't powerful.

Now I realize that is a big statement to make, but let me explain what I mean. God is powerful. We often feel that because we sin all the time, Satan is also powerful. He tempts us and puts thoughts in our minds and causes us to say and do wrong things. But he's not powerful like God is. In fact, Satan's only doing this stuff to keep us from being Christlike. If we're true believers, Satan's already lost. There's nothing he can do except make us trip. Not fall, trip. Here's the kicker-- He even knows that he's not so powerful! He's dangerous and mean and hateful, but he's NOT powerful.

I've been thinking on this for the last day or so since Paula prayed the thought that made me realize this, and it's fascinating to me how helpful this truth is. I mean, it's not new news, but isn't it funny how I'd forgotten how true it is? And how powerful even I am, with the Holy Spirit in me? Heck, with the Holy Spirit, I'M more powerful than Satan! What a statement! To put it pure and simple, Satan is a 'troublement,' that's all he is. Just a pure troublement. He can't win because he's already lost. What a wonderful realization!

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