Monday, November 28, 2005

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Well, Thanksgiving and its accompanying week are now over. It was great! We missed our friends, who were all out of town, but we did enjoy lots of family time.

I'm ready and gearing up for Christmas now, but I want to remind everyone to remember the true Reason for Christmas: Jesus. Don't forget what it's all about amidst all the crazy shopping and baking and parties.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas...

I've been needing (and wanting) new bakeware for a while now, due to what I currently have now. Last week while in Williams-Sonoma, I bought a new jelly roll pan (or some people might call it a very small cookie sheet) that was on sale.

I am taking this opportunity with my little corner of webspace to proclaim to one and all that I am madly in love with the Goldtouch brand of bakeware at Williams-Sonoma. I made cookies last Sunday for my coworkers and it's the best pan I've ever used to bake with. I've since somehow figured out a way to use it, or at least look at it, once a day (heating up pizza, Eggos, etc.).

I then went online yesterday to see what other types of bakeware this Goldtouch brand puts out, so I can decide which piece I want to get next. On their website only, there is a set of bakeware that is $11 cheaper than buying the four pieces individually! I'm amazed and yes, I'm a nerd because I did the math!

I want you all to know I fully endorse Goldtouch bakeware from Williams-Sonoma. This is great because it's just in time for my Thanksgiving and Christmas baking! The even cooler thing is Williams-Sonoma has a lifetime guarantee on their bakeware, so if you're ever unhappy with any of it, just return it (keep your receipt!) or exchange it, no questions asked! Isn't that amazing?!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Birthday!

You are awesome. You are funny. You are a great mother. You are disciplined. Your faith is amazing to watch. You're a great role model. You're a great cook and baker. You're a great Hand and Foot partner. You're an amazingly awesome friend. I hope today is all you would ever hope it to be. I pray that blessings are poured down over your spirit today in a way you haven't felt in weeks. I love you.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Three Musketeers!

I keep thinking about the good ol' college days back in the good ol' days... okay so they ended roughly four years ago. A week after graduation, I got married and two of my friends pretty much fell off the planet.

One went to vet school and I wonder if she's about to graduate and practice somewhere. The other friend went to grad school in Georgia, I think it was. I wonder where she is too.

These two friends and I were relatively inseparable in college, they were in my wedding, and it makes me wonder why I don't know what happened to them now? So if you read this and you know who you are, comment or email or something. :-)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quilt? What quilt?

Well, I know no one has heard me talk about quilting for awhile now and that's because my first and so far, only, teacher so thoroughly confused me that I had temporarily given up. Heck, I never even finished the quilt I was making for Hubby. (Sorry baby!)

However, I have realized the dream again, especially thanks to Mom and Dad for the cedar chest I now have in my possession. (I want to stock it full of homemade quilts for those cold, snuggly nights on the couch.) The problem is there weren't enough people to take the November class (different business, different teacher) so now I have to wait until January. Sadness. Therefore I've decided no one should be expecting quilts for Christmas.