Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas...

I've been needing (and wanting) new bakeware for a while now, due to what I currently have now. Last week while in Williams-Sonoma, I bought a new jelly roll pan (or some people might call it a very small cookie sheet) that was on sale.

I am taking this opportunity with my little corner of webspace to proclaim to one and all that I am madly in love with the Goldtouch brand of bakeware at Williams-Sonoma. I made cookies last Sunday for my coworkers and it's the best pan I've ever used to bake with. I've since somehow figured out a way to use it, or at least look at it, once a day (heating up pizza, Eggos, etc.).

I then went online yesterday to see what other types of bakeware this Goldtouch brand puts out, so I can decide which piece I want to get next. On their website only, there is a set of bakeware that is $11 cheaper than buying the four pieces individually! I'm amazed and yes, I'm a nerd because I did the math!

I want you all to know I fully endorse Goldtouch bakeware from Williams-Sonoma. This is great because it's just in time for my Thanksgiving and Christmas baking! The even cooler thing is Williams-Sonoma has a lifetime guarantee on their bakeware, so if you're ever unhappy with any of it, just return it (keep your receipt!) or exchange it, no questions asked! Isn't that amazing?!

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