Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's about time! 365 days to be exact!

Well happy new year 2006 everybody (the three of you that read this site- wink wink). I am extremely happy to see last year go and a new year begin. 2005 was a very difficult year for Husband and me in many ways, but in the last month as we have been gearing up for the annual change, we've found many blessings to be thankful for:

*Husband got a permanent job that he likes with great benefits
*Brother is still safe in Iraq (or as safe as can be)
*We will see Grandpa again one day; in the meantime he is having the time of his life with Jesus
*My job is rockin' awesome as always and my boss thinks I am VERY good at it
*Our new nephew was born in September and is stinkin' blinkin' cute
*Our friends are wonderful as always and truly from God
*Husband and I are closer since he quit his part-time job back in April

And the list continues... Thank you Lord for the good times and the difficult times. May the good times outweigh the difficult times!

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