Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Say what?!

"You're not on the list and you haven't paid to take the class."
This quote was said to me on the phone last night as I was walking out the door to my quilting class. I've been signed up for the class for two months but for whatever reason there was a mix up but the teacher still let me come. Whew!

"I don't like to quilt."
This quote was one of the first things our quilting teacher told us last night when she began the class. Suffice it to say I got a little worried when I heard this and had to have her repeat (and explain) herself. Turns out she likes designing and piecing the quilts more than sewing the three layers of the quilts together (She lets another quilting buddy do that part for her.).

My class last night was so awesome! It was fun and my teacher is awesome! She's hilarious and very knowledgeable. Her husband comes to take pictures of the classes to put on the store's website, so one day soon my embarassed face will be on the web making my quilt.

Three more weeks to go and I'm on my way!

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