Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Adult, schmadult...

When did I become a card- carrying member of the adult world? I remember the day I realized I was old enough to pass for an adult: I owned a car and paid bills and had a job (I was doing laundry at the time too.).

But lately it seems as though life has thought up new and surprising ways to show me that yes, indeed, I am a true blue, full- fledged adult. Real hard- core life issues and problems, medical issues, health histories, job losses, death, politics and relationships become what I talk about with friends and family members. I remember when we used to talk about school and boys and high school jobs and what our parents were doing to embarass us.

When did that crossover occur when all responsibility landed on my shoulders? I think somedays I would like to put on some overalls, eat a fudgesicle, play outside with my friends, and not think about the 'adult world' for a while.

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