Friday, April 14, 2006

Blessings fall down on me...


Like all good things lately, God is more than taking care of us, He's [overflowing our cup] with blessings. Everywhere I turn in the midst of the crazy stress we're experiencing now, great things are going on!

The first night we went house- hunting, we found it right away. An offer was made and eventually a counteroffer was accepted. People are very excited for us and our newest big decision in our lives: that of your first house. More and more, we're discovering what a God- house this is, which is what we've been praying for since January.

A God- house by definition, means there's no logical or reasonable explanation for why you own this house, except that God did something so amazing and cool that that is the ONLY reason, and to Him be all the glory!

Okay, so our house by definition, is a God- house. There is no other house in the area in our price range like this one. Comparable houses elsewhere in the area are selling for much higher than we can afford (another word for this: God- house!). This house is amazing. It has tons of storage inside and out, TWO kitchen pantries (with real wood shelves, not the wire shelves), a laundry ROOM not closet, the floor plan is great, and there's potential coming out its little foundation! The ginormous kitchen with its two pantries is already my favorite room and we're not even moved in yet. (I keep telling people I can't wait to get baking in there!) The list goes on and on...

We're very excited and making different plans every day. I can't wait to decorate it and get it looking like 'our' home. Thank you Lord for our new home!

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Mom said...

Yeah for the God-house!!! Love you