Thursday, April 27, 2006

A new home on the range...

Belt Buckle Cowboy

As you can see, we are quite enamored with our first little nephew. If you're not into cute little babies, well quite frankly, get over it. :-)

This weekend we're headed with Husband's parents to move them far, far away to cowboy country (Thus, the ginormous belt buckle!). It will be a very long weekend as well as a very emotional and exhausting one. We are however, looking forward to having time with them before we don't see them for a while. In short, a very bittersweet time ahead. On top of it all, Husband says he's going to drug me with a hamburger like the A-team did to Mr. T back in the day (to avoid the travel-sickness and flying anxiety). We'll see if I come back with the bling and mohawk I guess.

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