Friday, April 21, 2006

Through the looking glass...

Bradford Pear Tree

Today was a great day. This weekend will be great as well, though very busy. Saying goodbye (multiple times) to the 'rents as well as Husband's birthday while he works the weekend away should make for an interesting few days.

Everything's been so chaotic lately for not just us, but everyone I know. I can't wait to sit by the window and look out at our tree while I have my quiet time or read. It seems so relaxing and peaceful...

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cc said...

As I was reading your post the words to the song I was listening to said:

"Rest easy. Have no fear.
I love you perfectly,
and perfect love drives out fear.
I'll take your burden. You take my grace.
Rest easy in My embrace."

Thought it was kinda cool...

Love you babe,