Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, Belle and the Beast (a cute, handsome Beast, and not really 'beast-like' at all) moved from their rented cottage house into their first castle. They spent an entire month fixing it up; every day and night they slaved like their friend Cinderella to get their castle ready for the big ball- painting, recarpeting, putting together furniture, etc.

Well, the big ball came and went. It was a big success and every villager who came to see the castle was very impressed and excited for Belle and the Beast. Congratulations were in order, for this castle took four years for Belle and the Beast to acquire.

Belle and the Beast were glad the ball was so much fun, but were having trouble picking a favorite room in their castle. All their hard work paid off and now they get to enjoy their castle, and of course, live happily ever after...

The End... Or is it only the beginning?

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