Thursday, July 27, 2006

Asian hottie in the house

Yesterday I was made known about this web phenomenon called They have a free demo of what they actually do, which is face recognition software. The free demo however, lets you upload a photo of yourself, then they give you photos of celebrities you look like. If you look closely enough, you eventually can see some resemblance to yourself. The idea is that if you do several photos of yourself, you see who look like by whose picture keeps coming up in your group of celebrity results. It made for a pretty fun day.

The interesting thing for me yesterday was discovering that over and over again, picture after different picture, I look like these pretty Asian women (If I dropped tons of poundage and wore make- up and you know, was actually Asian.). I thought that was kinda cool since I'm not at all Asian, not even close. I think it's because when I smile, my eyes get all scrunchy. Anyway, I'll take it.

Husband kept getting told he looks like Asian dictators and Chad Michael Murray. We couldn't figure out that last one.

Try it out for yourself! I'd love to know who you most resemble. Cameron Diaz? Ben Stiller? Tim McGraw?

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