Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Trans- fat Avenger

Last night Husband and I had a lovely evening discovering new places to go in our town that we love, shopping and eating yummy food. One place we went was to the warehouse store to buy these yummy tortilla chips that we like. As we were walking out to the car, I was reading the recipes on the back of the bag. Husband and I were enjoying each other and the moment, laughing and truly having a great time until.... a lady who was passing us by pointed at me and the bag and says, "Those have trans- fats in them." I of course am in shock that someone has dared to intrude upon our lovely time with such a nosy comment, while Husband is upset that the lady has been rude and inappropriate. In a fit of pique, he replies back to her, "Mmmmmm! My favorite kind of fat!" Fortunately, we made it to the car without further incident. We did however, laugh about our run- in with the Trans- fat Avenger the rest of the evening.

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