Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In honor...

... of my 201st entry and my upcoming birthday celebration and extravaganza, I am having a great week. The celebrating has begun and is in full force, which always makes me happy. Hubby is in his super spoiling mode, so I am feeling even more loved and special than normal. I am going out tonight for lettuce wraps with my good buddy Jan, who always makes me smile. On Saturday we're grilling up some hot dogs and enjoying some more friends and having some more fun!

The only bummer in the whole week is the stupid ongoing tooth situation. My root canal did go pretty well last week, although the temporary crown is happening tomorrow and I must admit I'm a little nervous. I've been praying about it for a while now, but only just yesterday began to get nervous. Why specifically? Because a couple people mentioned that the crown still hurt months later and was sensitive to sweets. (Now I know Dr. D will be happy with that, having lectured me last Friday, but still...) So that is why I'm more than a little concerned about this event tomorrow morning. I guess we'll see how it pans out, but at least there are some happy things going on this week to keep my mind off of it!

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