Thursday, August 31, 2006


To Grandmother

I know you've seen this picture before, but in honor of my grandmother whom I loved very much, I am repeating it here today.

*My grandmother loved tomato plants and grew them every year.
*She loved rosebushes and I currently have three. In response to a compliment from my mother, "I am not a rose! I am the thorns on the rose!"
*She was spunky and feisty and stubborn to the hilt.
*She hated having her picture taken and got so tired of us asking to take her picture, that one day she went to Glamour Shots and got so dolled up for pictures she was unrecognizable. (I still have them.)
*She never revealed her birth year or age, although we all knew them both anyway.
*Grandmother refused to be called anything but "Grandmother," the proper Southern name for what and who she was to me.
*She knew everything about everybody we were ever related to, where they lived, what they did, and who they almost married (Thomas Jefferson).
*She took me to Williamsburg with Ann when I was young and Gabriel was too little to go with us but wanted to go anyway.
*She was regal and elegant and beautiful to the day she died- today.

Much love.

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