Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The joke's on you!

Last night as I was checking all the blogs I read, I commented (yet again) to Husband that he needed to update his blog. He seems to update quarterly, or if he's running a series of entries, monthly. He doesn't update often because he likes to only write when he's really struck by something, but lately we've had these really great conversations, so I know he's got a lot to say.

Well, his response to me was "Have you updated your blog lately?" I was shocked! I always thought that though I don't necessarily update daily, I updated pretty regularly. You'll have to let me know what you think. Do I update enough? Do you want more? Do you want less?

As to the matter of Husband's answer, here you go Honey! An update just for you! (LOL :-))


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Mom said...

Hi. I often look because I love the pictures you take. You blog more than I do. I don't do it at all!! Maybe one day you can help me create one. I would love that!!!!