Monday, March 19, 2007

My Photographer Husband

Well, it finally feels like home. We've been here ten months and finally today hung some pictures on the walls. Why'd it take so long you ask? Because we have been given a deadline.

Our church is having an Evening of the Arts to showcase the talent God has given to our church community (dance, music, songwriting, poetry, photography, etc.).

My husband has been invited to show several pieces at this upcoming event, so we've been busy for the past couple weeks getting them ready. The first three (the main three) are ready to go as of now, and we have several more to work on throughout this week. We're really excited about this event, and Hubby showing his work, because we think it's really cool (and I think he's amazing!)!

I'm extra excited because all the work we're showing for the event is being framed to go on our walls in our house, so now it feels like a home because there are pictures on our walls! Yay!

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Mom said...

I would love to see what CC is showing. Mom