Sunday, April 01, 2007

A girl (not) named Sue

Disclaimer: If your name is Sue, this is not personal. This viewpoint only pertains to me. If you share it, I feel your pain. If you disagree with me, then feel free to comment with your side.

My entire life, I have hated the name 'Sue.' I can't explain why I have such deep disdain for this name, to the point I literally cringe when I hear it, but I do. Also my entire life, people (who clearly don't realize or don't know me well) have tried to shorten my name to this one. While I love nicknames and don't mind a shorter version of my name, 'Sue' is not the one I go for.

Lately, I've been called this awful name a lot more frequently than normal, which is frustrating to me. The problem now is that my aunt! called me 'Sue' twice this weekend! My own aunt who knows better! Clearly her brain cells are rotting away and those are the first to go. I called her on it both times (since she is smart and knows better), but I'm getting very concerned for her well-being. ;-)

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Diana said...

When you were young you loved the nickname Super -insert hated name here- it's only been since, well, the past ten or fifteen years that you've hated it. Still its no excuse and I am sorry.