Monday, May 14, 2007

How old do I look, exactly?

So at the mall tonight we were making small talk with a salesman, and he asked how my Mothers' Day went. I said okay, and he asked why it was just okay. Realizing his mistake, I kindly informed him that I'm not a mother, so the holiday didn't really affect me. We then entered this time where every long awkward moment came together to create the 'mother' of all long awkward moments before he slipped away in shame, knowing he wasn't making a sale today.

Now, I realize that like everyone else, I am aging and growing up. However, lately I've had the above situation happen to me, it seems, almost everywhere I go. The above situation wouldn't have been a big deal except that I was with Husband and Jennifer (two very cute, young, 20-something adults who do not at all look like older parents). No children were anywhere in sight of this salesman; yet he immediately targeted me as the mom of the group, when in fact I'm younger than both of the people I was with!

I'm beginning to get a complex because this is happening to me so much. How old do I look, exactly, that this keeps occurring?

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