Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dental woes, continued

I woke up this morning with all mouth pain concentrated on one tooth. Not a good sign. I woke CC up this morning with the happy news that I thought we might face a root canal today. Boy, did we ever!

Poor Dr. David couldn't even touch the horrid tooth it was in so much misery. He declared to one and all that an emergency root canal must be performed STAT! Well, after two unsuccessful numbings he brought out the big gun, and boy do I mean the big gun! It had a separate scary name and everything! Sadly, it still didn't do such a hot job of numbing, but at least we all made it through to the other side alive.

I am happy to report that though I'm still pretty miserable (and numb everywhere but in that one tooth), I seem to be doing much better than I was this morning! Yay! Thanks again to Dr. David for saving the day!

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