Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My current #2 go-to guy

So as of today, my second favorite guy currently is my dentist, Dr. David! He's so great. He's the coolest dentist ever, sees you right away when you're having an issue, solves your problem right away, gives you painkillers until the problem is solved, and makes you happy.

And some of you ladies will also appreciate the fact that he looks exactly like Tim McGraw (to the point that it's hard not to say Dr. Tim!). Never fear though guys, CC says his wife Dr. Susan, the other dentist there, looks like Ashley Judd. She's amazing as well, though somehow I have always seen Dr. David and CC has always seen Dr. Susan. Hmm.

Anyway, they're awesome! Their staff is great too. They all know me by name, and are super sweet people. So today, I thank the good Lord for sending me Dr. David and his awesome team. Woohoo! (And that's not the painkillers talking either...)

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