Friday, November 16, 2007

Showers of blessing

So much has been going on lately it's been hard to focus on the positive. At the same time (and in a very strange way that makes this difficult to explain unless you get it), all the hard stuff means all I've been able to do to get through it is pray and look for and focus on the blessings God's just throwing at us hand over fist. Some highlights that have helped me lately:

  • So many friends, especially the guys I work with and those in Tapestry (HUGE blessing!)

  • Growth outside my comfort zone (still trying to see this as a blessing, but I know it must be)

  • Our house is still standing

  • My car is paid off (FINALLY!)

  • Visits with family

  • Thanksgiving (need I say more???)

  • Falling leaves/ Autumnal color on the trees (also, finally)

  • Bebo Norman's Christmas CD (Born To Die, especially)

  • I still have my hearing and my sight, despite David Crowder's best to take them both away!

  • 11 years ago today was my first date with my husband- Happy Date Anniversary, CC! I love you!

  • and the list goes on...

Thanks, God!

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