Friday, January 18, 2008

An interesting thought

SO very many blessings have been poured out on us lately, that I even hate to mention any negativity. However, today is the second time this month that a very important financial resource has been incorrect, and it's getting old, which means I'm getting angry about it.

However, I've been rereading my Lori Wick books recently, and one thing that one of her characters says has really been sticking with me. This character is angry with the people and situations around her, and someone points out to her that she's not really angry with these people or situations; she's angry with God. Since He's in control of everything and everyone, even when He's not pleased with what's going on, He's still taking care of her. I don't know if I'm explaining this well, but the point is she was mad at God at the root of the issue because He was allowing these things and people to get to her. So she had to confess that anger and deal with it.

Now clearly since I think these people who've caused us this problem are a bunch of idiots, I've got a lot left to learn. At least I was reminded of this lesson last night. I need to handle my anger correctly and focus on the blessings in the situation and not just the problem.

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