Saturday, January 19, 2008


CC had to work today, so I have been home all day waiting and waiting. For what you ask? Snow! The 'weather forecasters' predicted it would begin about mid-morning, and thus far (it's 2pm), nothing but rain. I'm so disappointed, but I'm holding out hope that the snow is on its way.

If you are more experienced with snow where you grew up, you may think my excitement is an overreaction, but I assure you, it's not. We so rarely get snow, I was beginning to think there would never be the chance for snow again (what with global warming and all that stuff)! When it's September and the temperature is still over 100 degrees, you don't hold out much hope for snow during the wintertime.

I hope this explains my excitement, as I sit here dreaming about snow cream and Frosty, with the windows wide open, just waiting for the first flake to fall...

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Mom said...

Did you get any??? Let me know.